If you wish to be updated on the progress of this grassroots movement, you can register in the Living Directory group that has been set up for this purpose. 

We are using the original 5WWC Living Directory set up in 2003, so if you have already registered in that group, there is no need to register again.  If, however, you are new to the movement, please take a few minutes to register now. Here are the easy steps:

1. Simply click on the link below

2. Fill out the short form and press the "submit" button.

3. Check your email for an automated verification of your registration

4. Click on the link in that email to activate your profile and choose a password.

Once you have followed the steps above you will receive a personal email from Carol Hansen Grey welcoming you to the 5WWC Living Directory and giving you instructions on how you can use Living Directory to network with others in the group.



Living Directory, a non-commercial service developed by Sergio Lub and Victor Grey as a way to interconnect those envisioning a world that works for all, is private, secure, and without advertising.

Participation in the 5WWC Living Directory is free and voluntary. There are no anonymous activities. Each participant maintains her own profile and has control over how visible they are in the network. Security features are built into the software to prevent SPAM by keeping all email addresses invisible to everyone except the group coordinator. Participants in the network can use the search functions to find other participants and to connect with them using the directory email function (clicking on the "@" icon on the person's profile brings up an email form).

To remain active in the 5WWC directory you merely need to keep your email address current. You can enter additional information about yourself (i.e., bio and networking data) and also may choose to share your profile with one or more of the over 200 other organizations participating in the Living Directory Trust Network.

For more information about Living Directory and how to use it, click on Living Directory FAQs menu that includes HELP topics that walk you through the various features of the Living Directory.