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Goodwill Ambassadors or Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum Partners

You can individually Partner with Mission Million as a Goodwill Ambassador by connecting us to 1000 women. You can connect on our Facebook group, or send us an excel sheet with details, or use the Mission Million dashboard.


Once you’ve connected, your name will appear on the Mission Million website page under ‘Goodwill Ambassadors’. And a certificate will be issued for your support.


In addition, yours or any organization can Partner with the Mission Million as Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Partner. Organization logos will then be uploaded under the relevant partner category on the official Mission Million page on our website and acknowledgements made on other channels likewise.


Commitments required are as follows:

Bronze Partner: connect to at least 10,000 women;

Silver Partner: connect to at least 50,000 women;

Gold Partner: connect to at least 100,000 women;

Platinum Partner: connect to at least 200,000 women.


Looking forward toward uniting the women of the world in sisterhood!



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